How to Generate Business Leads from your Website Homepage

Your website homepage is the window for shopping. It need to be designed and presented in such a manner so that it can attract people to visit your website and make them interested towards buying your product or service. Few rules copywriters need to follow for ensuring every visitor to site shops your product or service. Some simple steps can improve sales with lowered your bouncing rates. Website layout is very vital. The way one will read contents of website will be much more different than the way they read any magazine or even a book. The homepage need to be so powerful that it can create a strong impression in the minds of the visitors in less than 3 seconds.


How will a visitor read your website?

  • Middle section: It’s the center of your webpage. If content is displayed in this area then visitor or scanners will only read: The very first sentence. Last line few words of paragraph. And few more words in between.
  • Top Right: In this area the phone number need to be displayed. In case there is search bar, position it in right side bar, or below the phone number. Ensure Contact us or Buy button is positioned in top right area. You will find that most eCommerce site have their checkout button placed in top right, and small sized businesses use this area for their phone number.
  • Bottom Right: You can use it for contact button, contact form or even for the buy it now button. In case you want to encourage a visitor to know more about your work and for making deep research about your company then use the area for “more info” button.
  • Right sidebar: Again if you are having right sidebar then that need to be used for extra content, to make more reading or for recommended products. If you want you can make use of this are for affiliate marketing.
  • Top left: This section remains reserved for log which can link back the visitor to homepage for valid reason. Visitors do look at it often but hardly makes any click. It supports in brand recognition with the option to return back to homepage quickly.


Bringing such changes in the homepage of your website will surely give you the chance to enhancing the number of conversions in short span of time.


Some tips for middle content which can help to generate business leads from your website homepage:

  • Have the Punch line which can assure your visitor that they landed in the right place
  • Make it clear to visitor as why you are better than your competitors. Visitors need to know about your USPs.
  • Develop a sense of being urgent in your visitors mind, so they can take immediate action to go for your product or services
  • Quick guide to buy instant or for contacting in minutes time
  • Use industry specific keywords in your middle content to increase you visibility on the search engine pages.


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