Single Page Apps vs Multiple Page Apps: Which One to Choose

No matter howsoever complicated be the problem, we have a solution to each and everything. Well, if you too are from one of those having difficulty whether to opt an SPA (Single Page Application) or MPA (Multi-Page Application) then you are at the right place. There’s no doubt in the fact of how trending web apps are substituting the out-dated desktop apps. The key features that lead it to achieve that success are the platform independence and easy updating. No is attracted to a complicated desktop app if the same functionality is available with a secure mobile app. The only way out to this problem is to compare the pros and cons of SPA and MPA one by one. But again it isn’t practically possible for a day to day commoner. So, we have listed it precisely to meet the requirements of all iOS App Development Company appropriately.

Advantages of Single Page App

  • Single Page Application is undoubtedly fast and efficient.
  • It primarily incorporates HTML & CSS which makes it lightning fast.
  • It is convenient to debug because of minor
  • Mobile apps are preferred as the codes are one time developed, the same back-end source code can implement for any similar mobile app.
  • Reasonable storage space. As the SPA acquires the local storage once during the installation, henceforth it auto adjusts.

Disadvantages of Single Page App

  • The SPA won’t be that effective if it lacks Search Engine Optimisation, and configuring an SPA to make it SEO optimised isn’t an easy task at all.
  • The drawback behind is the integration of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML; its primary function is updating and exchanging the data of the page without refreshing it.
  • Because of the presence of the massive frameworks, its time consuming to download it.
  • All the browsers must have JavaScript enabled in it for accessing this app, absence if it will straightforward terminate the app.
  • The primary drawback of it is its lesser security in this hi-tech world. How unsafe could it be? It is the damn reason making it inferior to MPA.

Advantages of Multiple Page App

  • Nowadays there are a plethora of users who are desperately looking for a relaxed approach to the application.
  • Multi-Page Applications is the optimal solution to fulfil such demands, because of the presence of numerous toggle bars and informative navigations.
  • If your Multi Page app predominantly traded and exchange based, then it is highly recommended to have the requisites mentioned above.
  • In comparison to SPA it his more SEO optimised and easy to catch traffic globally.
  • The necessary ranking criteria are dependent on specific keywords, so if your app has diversities of such keywords then, of course, there are increasing chances of success on a large scale.

Disadvantages of Multiple Page App

  • You must have read about the reusability of the pseudo code for SPA, but unfortunately, it is not possible to use the same backend code in case of MPA.
  • The recent update has terminated the concept of code reusability, i.e. same backend code cannot be implemented twice.
  • Conclusively one can say there is a tight coupling of the backend as well as the front end codes.
  • The complete process is comparatively involved, and there has to separate client frameworks for each server side and client side as well.
  • Summing up all one can quickly estimate the time required for the development of such MPA. Hence it takes more time for its development.


Therefore we have been unbiased to both the app features and presented every possible pros and con. After going through it, one must have an idea of what to choose. One more thing all Mobile Application Development Company should keep in mind is first to set your objective, then only start working on it and implementing. It’s quite apparent that you cannot have all the features in SPA, but again it is highly depended on your need and requirement. One may get satisfied with SPA while the other may need MPA.

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